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Allan McKay - Take Your Career to Next Level

Episode 202 — How to Take Your Career to the Next Level

  Episode 202 — How to Take Your Career to the Next Level Welcome to Episode 202! This is a Live Stream session on How to Take Your 3D Artist Career to the Next Level. In the creative industry, the main thing is to focus on how to get that first job. We tend to […]

Allan McKay - Soft Skills are the Best Skills

Episode 193 — Soft Skills are the Best Skills

  Episode 193 — Soft Skills are the Best Skills This is replay of a Live Stream I did recently on YouTube where I talked about the levers we need to pull to get ahead in our career and maximize our success. This is a subject that I have talked about in the past. The […]

Specialist or Generalist as a Digital Artist?

​One of the most common questions I get asked – and this week alone I’ve received a lot of email about this is exact question..”Should I be a specialist, or should I be a generalist?”This question applies to you – whether you’re a designer, an FX TD, animator, you work in video games, or you […]

Episode 108 — Finding Your Purpose

  Sign up for the FREE New Training here: Download The Productive Artist by Allan McKay here: Download a guide for Setting Yourself Up for the BEST YEAR YET! here:     Episode 108 – Finding Your Purpose [-[27:11] What I figured we would talk about something really important: If your goals […]

Episode 88 – A Live Career Intensive with Allan McKay

  Click here to listen on iTunes! Get on the VIP insiders list! Join the FXTD Mentorship at Check out   Episode 88 — A Live Career Intensive with Allan McKay  Hey, everyone! Welcome to Episode 88. I’m doing a Live Career Intensive. Let’s dive in!   FIRST THINGS FIRST: I. [-[1:44:28] This going to be […]

Episode 64 – Negotiating Creatively

Click here to listen on iTunes! Get on the VIP insiders list!   Show Notes After a small hiatus, Allan McKay returns with a new episode ‘Creative Negotiation’. Learning to step away from the black and white form of trade that we’re typically used to, and instead prioritize what your real current career goals and needs […]

Episode 63 – $1,000 an hour – negotiating beyond your limits

Click here to listen on iTunes! Get on the VIP insiders list!   Probably one of the more controversial episodes put out – as is anything to do with money. But this episode dives into understanding the logistics of what you charge as a freelancer and how to re-think it all to get what you […]

Episode 20 – Pierre Grage’s new book ‘Inside VFX’

Check out the episode on iTunes! I recently had the chance to talk in-depth with Pierre Grage about his new (and amazing!) book ‘Inside VFX’. I have to say the minute this book was released I had it express-delivered because I was so anxious to consume this book. I think there has been so much […]

Episode 18 – Blur Studio’s Chad Wanstreet Pt. 1

Listen on iTunes here Chad Wanstreet is an amazing artist with a very vast background, we dive into a lot of really great subjects as we discuss his background coming from architecture to working on many high profile car commercials in Detroit to relocating to Los Angeles to work for Blur Studio. This is a […]

Episode 13 – Creating your morning ritual

You can view this episode on iTunes here This episode is very focused on more our core habits, how to build a ‘ritual’ to start out your day so you wake up productive and know exactly what you need to get done and go about doing it by batching your tasks intelligently and adding time […]

Episode 11! Reaching out to studios for work

Here is a link to visit in iTunes – please feel free to leave a rating or review – always grateful!   Crafting the ultimate job letter and how to position and qualify yourself This episode dives into some of the core concepts of writing a strong cover letter or email to reach out to […]

Episode 10 – Blow up your career!

TRANSFORM YOUR CAREER IN 2015 This is your chance – throughout December, 3x a week new episodes specifically on transforming your career and making the biggest impact in 2015! Episode 10 – Your goals for 2015 and Designing your career blueprint This month is all about change – we’re going to band together and commit […]

Episode 9 – Work from home – Todd Sheridan Perry

Click here to view iTunes I jumped at the chance to talk with Todd about this subject, as it’s one I plan to cover later this month! Todd has major success working on projects ranging from The Lord of the Rings all the way through to X-files, Final Destination 5, 2012, The Mist, and dozens […]

Episode 8 – John Brennick – Hobbit/Apes 2

This is a great interview with extraordinary artist John Brennick for his contributions at studios like Weta and Digital domain and other studios around the globe on many high profile films including Dawn of the planet of the apes and The Hobbit 2. This is a really fun interview that covers a lot of really […]

Breaking into the industry through the side door

(Episode updated, had a few large gaps of silence that snuck in there!) Itunes Link here – click this link to subscribe or play How to host events, learn to network and create unique opportunities to get hired! This episode is about how to maximize your potential of getting noticed. By thinking outside the box […]

Episode 4 – Mastering Interviews & Communication

Here’s an iTunes link to watch the latest episode   Course notes to come! By the way for everyone who wants to win a ONE MONTH full membership to digital tutors. Please do the following two steps. 1) Like my Facebook Page 2) Subscribe and leave a review/rating on iTunes Do this right now! And […]