The Allan McKay podcast is a creative and career related podcast focused on artists in Design, Film, Visual Effects and Video Games. Typically ranking in the top 50 in the career section of iTunes.

In the last few months the downloads have averaged around 40,000 downloads per month. Each episode typically is myself, interviewing other artists in the film or games industry, designers, or book authors, developers or entire software or film or game teams. Episodes range from interviews with Blizzard, Blur, Autodesk, ILM, Pixar and others.

As well as solo episodes I put out focused on specific hands on subjects to do with building your career and improving other areas of your professional and personal life. Our careers are so important yet typically neglected and this podcast is for me an opportunity to share with others and help build a platform around bettering yourself and getting the results that you deserve.

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Episode 68 – Pricing ourselves as artists

Click here to listen on iTunes! Get on the VIP insiders list!   This episode dives deep into the topic of pricing and going after what you’re worth. This is actually a snippet of a live webinar with the FX TD Mentorship which we touched briefly on the subject of pricing. This conversation started as […]

Episode 67 – Changing careers, how to carefully switch to a creative career later in life

Click here to listen on iTunes! Get on the VIP insiders list!   An overview of the process to safely switch careers down the road. Some of us are in careers that we aren’t 100% satisfied and want to make the change over to a creative industry. However there is so much risk that we […]

Episode 66 – VFX Roundtable w/ Mark Theriault & Anselm Seherr-Thoss!

Click here to listen on iTunes! Get on the VIP insiders list!     While speaking at the It’s Art Masterclass 2016 event in Paris, we teamed together to enjoy some beer and talk VFX for this episodes podcast. This episode dives into many subjects from what we look for when hiring or building teams […]

Episode 65 – Every Tool I Use To 10x My Day

Click here to listen on iTunes! Get on the VIP insiders list!   I’m going to assume you’re probably just like me. I’m forever curious, I’m constantly trying new things out, tweaking things, revising and using anything and everything in ways they’re not intended, just to see what results I’m going to get.So if you […]

Episode 64 – Negotiating Creatively

Click here to listen on iTunes! Get on the VIP insiders list!   Show Notes After a small hiatus, Allan McKay returns with a new episode ‘Creative Negotiation’. Learning to step away from the black and white form of trade that we’re typically used to, and instead prioritize what your real current career goals and needs […]

Episode 63 – $1,000 an hour – negotiating beyond your limits

Click here to listen on iTunes! Get on the VIP insiders list!   Probably one of the more controversial episodes put out – as is anything to do with money. But this episode dives into understanding the logistics of what you charge as a freelancer and how to re-think it all to get what you […]

Episode 62 – Deconstructing the Elements with Pete Draper

Click here to listen on iTunes! Get on the VIP insiders list!   Pete Draper is an industry veteran with 20 years of experience working in the UK and India on many amazing projects. He’s co-founder and CTO of Makuta in Hyderabad, India a vfx studio responsible for many high profile feature films. This was […]

Episode 61 – Chad and Allan talking about pointlessness to burnout and overtime

Click here to listen on iTunes! Get on the VIP insiders list! This episode is a sit down with Chad Wanstreet (Episode 18 and 19) casually talking about overtime, burnout and a lot of issues with the industry. This is from two people who know the grind all too well and shedding a lot of […]

Episode 60 – Jami J from Bungie

Click here to listen on iTunes! Get on the VIP insiders list!   Jami works at Bungie in Seattle, WA well known for Halo and Destiny among other high profile projects. This episode we dive into her role at Bungie on Destiny, as well as her experiences graduating from college and going into video games, […]

Episode 59 – Matt Conway – Creating Matte Paintings for Avatar, Avengers and Game of Thrones

Click here to listen on iTunes! Get on the VIP insiders list!   Matt Conway is a Digital Matte Painter having worked on movie projects such as Avatar, Avengers, Shutter Island, Game of Thrones and dozens of others. During this interview we discuss everything from his initial upbringing and transition into VFX to travel, techniques […]

058 – Dreamworks Character TD Omar Garcia

Click here to listen on iTunes! Get on the VIP insiders list!   Omar is a character TD at Dreamworks Animation in Los Angeles working on projects like Kung Fu Panda 2, How to train your dragon 2, Rise of the Guardians and many others. During this episode we cover a lot of really great […]

Episode 57 – Darryl Johnson

Click here to listen on iTunes! Get on the VIP insiders list!   Darryl Johnson is a 3D generalist working for studios in LA like Blur and Blizzard Cinematics, as well as previously in Detroit at various car commercial houses. This episode is a fun filled episode covering everything from video games and getting started, […]

Episode 56 with talented director and designer Ash Thorp

Click here to listen on iTunes! Get on the VIP insiders list!   Ash Thorpe is a director, illustrator and creative director – who has worked on countless feature films and other creative projects. Some of his projects include Dawn of the planet of the apes, Mission Impossible – Rogue Nation, James Bond Spectre, Call […]

Episode 55 – Going after the unattainable

Click here to listen on iTunes! Get on the VIP insiders list! This episode was originally a personal article I wrote about dealing with self doubt, failure and also how all of us have those people around us who push negativity onto us and make us question ourselves. I wrote it for a few people […]

Episode 54 – working visas worldwide and my own personal experiences and advice

Click here to listen on iTunes! Get on the VIP insiders list!   This episode is an unofficial sequel to Ep 52 on US work visas, but this is more tailored to worldwide rather than just in the US. As well as giving a hands on insight as well as Allan’s experiences with the visa […]

Episode 53 – Actionable Goals

Click here to listen on iTunes! Get on the VIP insiders list!   This episode is a big one on goal setting we cover a lot of great subjects and topics situated around goal setting but more importantly actionable steps to building better habits rather than it just being simple mindsets that aren’t going to […]

Episode 52 – Work permits in the United States – Amanda Gillespie on the ins and outs of the visa process

Click here to listen on iTunes! Get on the VIP insiders list!   Amanda Gillespie is Manager of Extraordinary Ability Cases for Samuel Christensen Law Firm PLLC in New York. Amanda works daily with many of the artists and creatives alike migrating to the United States each year, helping build their cases and assisting them […]

Episode 51 – Programming for creatives

Click here to listen on iTunes! Get on the VIP insiders list!   This episode is about how learning a little code, can go a long way for artists and creatives. Most of us are intimidated by programming and think it’s only for math guys and people wired a certain way, where it’s really about […]

Episode 50 – IAMag Masterclass – Paris 2015

Click here to listen on iTunes! Get on the VIP insiders list!   This is a 1 hour master class from March 2015 in Paris, condensing a lot of information into a rapid fire session! On top of that, December is about closing 2015 out strong and gearing up for making 2016 your year! Check […]

Episode 49 – Realflow developers Next Limit

Click here to listen on iTunes! Get on the VIP insiders list! Next Limit are the creators of industry standard water simulation software ‘Realflow’ – based out in Madrid, Spain. This episode is with the development team at Next Limit, including NL’s CEO Victor Gonzalez, Luis Miguel More, Ivan Alduan, Alex Ribao, Angel Tena and […]

Turbosquid’s VP of business – Beau Perschall

Click here to listen on iTunes! Get on the VIP insiders list! Beau is the VP of Business Development at TurboSquid – which a lot of people associate with their enormous 3D model library, as well as plug-ins and other items that they sell for 3D artists. Their industry standard CheckMate process has also made […]

Episode 47 – Refinding your path when you ‘fall off the horse’

Click here to listen on iTunes! Get on the VIP insiders list! This episode is focused on something that affects us all, but also more recently for me has actually been a very critical subject, as we all face those times that completely derail us from our path, habits and routine. Sometimes it’s just for […]

046 – Mitch Bowler – a case study of lifestyle design

Click here to listen on iTunes! Get on the VIP insiders list! Mitch is the founder of Pencil Kings an online training site that teaches illustration and drawing techniques – his background comes from working in film and games for various big name clients in Canada and the United States and China. At a turning […]

045 – Marc Simonetti – Game of Thrones – Concepts and Covers

Click here to listen on iTunes! Get on the VIP insiders list! Marc Simonetti is an amazing French illustrator and concept artist who’s worked on dozens of high profile projects from the work of H.P. Lovecraft to Game of Thrones fans out there – many of the covers of ‘A song of Ice and Fire’ […]

Episode 44 – Making money on the side

Click here to listen on iTunes! In this episode we explore the many different ways we can make money online as well as even automate our income to give us more freedom and a bit of a ‘buffer’ to go after out dreams without hurting our savings. In our journey to go after our goals […]

Revisiting our 2015 goals – and learning to fail UP!

Click here to listen on iTunes! Back in December we set out the challenge of setting BIG goals for 2015 and as time passes – it’s time to check in.. How are you doing with your goals? This episode is to focus not on setting goals, but how to stay accountable and how to minimize […]

How to build the ultimate reel to land your dream job

Click here to listen on iTunes! After the first ‘Review my Reel’ session was a total success with over 100 people attending, this episode follows the momentum of this and discusses a lot of advice on what we are all doing with our reels that we probably shouldn’t, as well as key things to keep […]

Gears of War – Insights with the Character Team

Click here to listen on iTunes! With the announcement of Gears of War 4 last week from Microsoft, this episode focuses on the talented character team behind the development of GOW4. Probably the most spectular features of Gears of War is the amazing creature and character designs and attention to detail in all of the […]

Zsolt Poczos – Making high-risk and high-reward decisions to shape the success of your career

Click here to listen on iTunes! Zsolt Poczos is a CG supervisor from Hungary that has worked around the world on my high profile projects – originating from architecture and moving to creating photorealistic car commercials through to now being part of the core team on the upcoming VFX heavy film ‘Independence Day 2’. This […]

Dawn of the Zombies… a great episode on film making

Click here to listen on iTunes! Alf is a 3D artist and film maker in Norway, partner of the vfx studio Gimpville. Recently Alf has completed an epic 6 month journey to complete his own parody short film (trailer) called Dawn of the planet of the zombies and giant killer plants on some serious acid […]

Delcio Gomes – Industrial Light + Magic – Avengers: Age of Ultron

Click here to listen on iTunes! Delcio originally from Brazil has worked on projects like Avengers: Age of Ultron, Terminator Genisys, Thor: The Dark World, Oblivion and many others as both a modeler and cg generalist. This is a really great episode giving a lot of insight into Delcio’s background as well as a lot […]

Episode 37 – VFX Round Table – Chad, Hnedel, Allan & Sol

Click here to listen on iTunes! This is by far the most random episode on the podcast so far! As Chad, Hnedel, Sol and Allan gather together over a few beers and do a free for all discussing a lot to do with the industry, film, virtual reality as well as process, pipeline and people. […]

Episode 36 – What it takes to create your own tv show for animal planet?

Click here to listen on iTunes! From 3D artist to Executive Producer – What it takes to achieve your big goals in your career and get a tv show off the ground. Fred Ruff has been well known in the industry for his vast contributions for over 20 years working originally for Autodesk as a […]

Chaos Group Labs’ – podcast

I get interviewed for a change!

Episode 35 – Starting your own Visual Effects Studio

Click here to listen on iTunes! This episode we dive right into what it takes to launch your own studio. Such a big subject and so much to cover – if you want to know leave a comment below #Iwanttoknowmore! and I will gladly put together a step by step episode series on the business […]

034 – The Importance of Finding Mentors

Click here to listen on iTunes! This episode is all about how impactful having mentors or experts in your life can be, and modeling those you idolize or see as successful. The key is to push yourself out of your comfort zone and find those that are able to push you and inspire you as […]

033 – Studio Insight: Rising Sun Pictures (Wolverine, Harry Potter, Terminator)

Click here to listen on iTunes! This episode is truly epic – Rising Sun Pictures has been around for 20 years working on many of the leading visual effects films. Speaking with Marcus Wells and Kirsty Parkin in the Training Department at RSP about their new graduate program, and future education and internships at RSP. […]

Episode 32 – Becoming a LinkedIn Ninja!

Click here to listen on iTunes! LinkedIn is the number one job finding and networking resource on the web! YET it’s not optimized for artist use – it’s optimized typically for more corporate, and start up jobs and long form productions. The typical approach to finding work with LinkedIn typically will not apply to Designers, […]

Episode 31! Killer tools to help you get s!#% _DONE_!

Click here to listen on iTunes! By far the most different episode I have made to date. Rather than focusing on interviewing artists or on core ways to build up your career. I wanted to share some of the tools _I_ use in production or day to day that are pivotal to getting things done. […]

Episode 30 – Dan Roarty – Character Artist

Click here to listen on iTunes! Dan’s background working in video games on projects ranging from Star Wars 1313 to Tomb Raider to Gears of War to many other iconic projects as well as high profile studios such as Lucas Arts. What makes Dan stand out is his phenomenally realistic character work, many of his […]

Episode 29 – Andrew Kramer of Video Copilot

Click here to listen on iTunes! Get on the VIP insiders list! Check out Upload The Productive Artist e-book. Allan McKay’s YouTube Channel. Allan McKay’s Instagram.   Episode 29 — Andrew Kramer, Video Copilot. Hi, everyone! This is Allan McKay. I’m interview Andrew Kramer from Video Copilot. This Episode I’ve been wanting to do for quite a […]

Episode 28 – Christopher Nichols!

Click here to listen on iTunes! Christopher Nichols has an impressive resume of working for many of the leading studios, from The Day After Tomorrow, I, Robot, Stealth, Tron: Legacy, Oblivion, Maleficent and The Girl with the Dragon Tatoo to photo real cars and photo real humans. Chris works with Chaos Group – the developers […]

026 – Extreme Workflow and Productivity Hacks!

Click here to listen on iTunes! This episode is a unique solo episode packed to the brim with a lot of workflow hacks and core advice to manage yourself better and get a lot more done inside of your standard work day. This is vital methods I apply to my work every day of every […]

Part 2 of episode with Sol Rogers! Career and industry low down!

Click here to listen on iTunes! Part 2 of the really great and insightful interview with Sol Rogers! Covering a lot of really great industry advice and career advise based on his lengthy experience in the industry as well as lecturing at London universities. Lots of great stuff – this was our chat prior to […]

Episode 24 – Sol Rogers – Virtual Reality Specialist

Click here to listen on iTunes! Sol Rogers, all round nice guy and super knowledgeable on all things VR! This episode we dive into what Rewind FX – Sol’s company has been able to pull off in the realm of Virtual Reality for massive clients from Red Bull, Lexus, and just many many massive events […]

Episode 23 with Eddie Perblerg – Lead Product Manager for 3DS Max!

Listen on iTunes! This episode is an amazing one with the lead product manager for 3DS Max at Autodesk! Eddie has a MASSIVE amount of background and knowledge to do with 3D and gives major insights into the industry as it is and where it’s heading, as well as a lot of where it came […]

Episode 22 – Tobin Kirk, Executive Producer for Blind Design Agency

Check out this episode on iTunes! Episode 22 is epic! Check it out! Everything from discussing careers, hiring artists, scheduling, bidding and budgets through to more heavier into the production side of film and design projects, crazy Matt Damn stories (well not too crazy) and everything in-between. We cover everything from Coldplay music videos to […]

Episode 21 – Introducing Rob Nederhorst, VFX Supervisor and Compositor!

Click here to listen in iTunes! Rob Nederhorst is a compositor and visual effects supervisor who has a large list of amazing projects to his name, some of the feature films include X-Men, The day after tomorrow, 2012, Thor, Priest, After Earth and many more films. He’s a speaker for Gnomon as well as well […]

Episode 20 – Pierre Grage’s new book ‘Inside VFX’

Check out the episode on iTunes! I recently had the chance to talk in-depth with Pierre Grage about his new (and amazing!) book ‘Inside VFX’. I have to say the minute this book was released I had it express-delivered because I was so anxious to consume this book. I think there has been so much […]

Episode 19 – Blur Studio’s Chad Wanstreet Pt. 2

Listen on iTunes! Chad Wanstreet is an amazing artist with a very vast background, we dive into a lot of really great subjects as we discuss his background coming from architecture to working on many high profile car commercials in Detroit to relocating to Los Angeles to work for Blur Studio. This is a subject […]

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