VFX Case Study: Avengers Infinity War

Recently I created episode 1 of the VFX Breakdown - which was about Sony's new movie VENOM. This was a lot of fun and got a lot of great reception, both from industry VFX Supervisors, as well as fans of the film.

I also created a follow up (trailer) of Spiderman Far From Home. Which was fun to cover and interesting covering a trailer over a film.

Now I wanted to cover the official VFX Case Study Episode 2 - Avengers Infinity War!

Watch The Video Above

This is actually the movie voted the most from a lot of you when I put out the call on Instagram recently (Follow My Instagram Here)

I'm still replying to all the emails I received about Spiderman Far From Home VFX Breakdown I did. Thank you if you were one of the ones to take time to reach out. I've read them all, and I'm trying to carve out time to respond to each of them.

Recently you guys voted on a few different films that I should do the second 'official' VFX breakdown of. The winner (by far) was Avengers Infinity War. Which scared me, since I'm not sure if everyone's aware how much of this movie is CG. I'd probably have an easier time pointing out which shots are live action. Sigh.

BUT this movie is one that was a lot of fun to do and I have some really cool 'Avengers' news I can't wait to share with you guys closer to April - so it ties in well with this.

I spent far too long putting this together, but it was a lot of fun.

The one.. Ok two things I ask is

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Finally - check out previous (and related) VFX Case Study's of VENOM and Spiderman Far From Home visual effects below.


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