Transformers 3 Trailer


Here’s a breakdown of one of the many shots from Transformers Dark of The Moon I worked on. Everything was 3DS Max with FumeFX and Krakatoa.


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51k likes guys!!
The Meong
What's make Transformers good? - Michael Bay - Steven Spielberg - Shia LeBeouf - Megan Fox - Peter Cullen - Steve Jablonsky - Linkin Park
the perfect and true ending to bayverse
Sheikh Suleiman
Believe me this is one of if not the most epic trailee of all time.
Anthony Larsen
To me this is my last TF movie. What a great trilogy.
Allan Joseph
This trailer is badass
Sohaib Akhtar
0:35 music build up 🤯
The last good transformers movie before bumblebee
X Dorsey44
Every now a then, I come back here, to remember when times were simple. Used to watch this trailer on repeat.
youtube yt
This trailer looks badass, can't wait for the movie to come out
Ƭ r i p p y
For me, this and the first film are literally the best out of the 5 movies without counting Bumblebee since that’s too great on it’s own. The massive inclusion of new Autobots and those action sequences are top notch in this one.
Sofian m5f90
Troy Baes
Transformers (2007) = 9.5/10 Revenge of the Fallen (2009) = 9.0/10 Dark of the Moon (2011) = 10/10 Age of Extinction (2014) = 9.8/10 The Last Knight (2017) = 6.0/10 Bumblebee (2018) = 9.0/10
Arun Mahider
Do you realize by ursine vulpine should be the king of bgms for transformers.
Origami Master Yoda
My ranking of the movies 7. The Last Knight 6. G1 5. Revenge of the Fallen 4. Age of Extinction 3. Dark of the Moon 2. Bumblebee 1 .2007
mehjabeen khatoon
i like the trailer of transformer 3 dark of the moon very much
The era when tf >>> avengers
ALo 7
Anyone else bored during quarantine and watching old trailers ?
Canberk Çatan
Why am ı crying????
The Titan
9 years later still impressive modern day technology