Transformers 3 Trailer


Here’s a breakdown of one of the many shots from Transformers Dark of The Moon I worked on. Everything was 3DS Max with FumeFX and Krakatoa.


Youtube comments:

Will Trejo
Y miss ironhide
Karim claude
Any from 2020
Part 2 was the real end
Daniel H
For me this movie is my favorite
Maximum Max
1:56 this is when shia turned from innocent actor to badass
Jay Daville
The part when he says “and their are consequences” still hits me hard. Great trailer
Anthony Mcqueen
Perfect example of the trailer is better than the film itself.
Peter Parker Spider man Team
Whata helk
Ruto Kipkulei
Honestly this is one of the best trailers ever released.
I was today years old when I realized that they shows Starscreams death in the trailer
Bobby Ottenthal
I Cried when Ironhide Died :(
Unpopular opinion: This trailer itself is better than Bumblebee.....
Lindel L
Woah when they change their logo lol
Almost 10 years and still my favorite transformers movie...
Salvador Ceceña
Aiden O'Hair
Bikram Duwal
Background music just awesome
Ian Worley
Still my favorite in the trilogy
Jeremy Burkhart
Shia gotta come back for that final ...end of story
I dont know what to put for my username
I Remember that part of the trailer when bumblebee kicked starscream