Transformers 3 Trailer


Here’s a breakdown of one of the many shots from Transformers Dark of The Moon I worked on. Everything was 3DS Max with FumeFX and Krakatoa.


Youtube comments:

Marla Wilcox
Optimus prime: you may lose your faith in us but never in yourselves from here the fight will be your own
Isaac Villatoro
2019 anyone?
Who wishes they can go back to 2011
Ganso Donald
*The best trailer I'm the world*
This is still the best transformers movie period
Bath Boy
god stranger things season 4 looks so good
OptimusCam 04
They should’ve stopped here
Burhan Ali
When he screams Optimus and he whoops them robots goosebumps!
Dubbzvs Paul
Still the best one in the series prove me wrong 🚗 ✈
Mr. Indra Muhammad
2019 anyone ?
You know looking back i appreciate these movies so much more than i did before i kinda miss this era almost
This trailer was great
It's been 8 years, but that trailer still bangs.
Pacmanhits Pac
8 years ago today
Homemade Collectibles2021
Still the best trailer in movie history. My god 2011 was great time to live
Olgay Celik
There are cut scenes
Jose Elias
2019? I really like this tráiler :3
Andrew Botchway
who is this new girl what happened to megan fox
Lt. Elf
to be honest the transformers film should have ended here and then bumblebee releases meaning a prequel but it is what it is and u can't change it
Sims Legit
I still think this is the best movie. Transformers 1 was really good don't get me wrong, but something about DOTM was amazing for me. Probably the last hour or so of the film really sold it for me.