Transformers 3 Trailer


Here’s a breakdown of one of the many shots from Transformers Dark of The Moon I worked on. Everything was 3DS Max with FumeFX and Krakatoa.


Youtube comments:

Aris Kalof
8 years later still trying to figure out how dino died
Aditya Marathe
Megan fox will be missed 😓😓
Hamad Sajid
Anyone 2020?
Giorgos Manahiaris
mercy r
Damn it's been almost a fucken decade since this movie came out.
Essex_1998 HD
1:46 - sit the fuck down
Indrajid Suryaputra
idk but somehow The Avengers had the similarities of this movie. first, the portal from the sky. second, the alien ship. third, the location of the battle
Roy B
I can’t believe this movie came out almost a decade ago
Remember when we thought shockwave's gonna be the main bad Antagonist!! I member.
The down fall of this film is the characters (sams character & the government girl)Other than that this film was good as hell. The score, action scenes, Shia, & voice acting was awesome.
Lightning Shrek
This trailer is better than The Last Knight and Age of Extinction combined
Charlie Morris
This trailer is O.P. to the max.The first part of the trilogy were all classics to me, until Wahlberg weaseled his way into it. They should have just kept Shane and Tessa as the main characters.
Vincent Ernst
Remember when people used to watch trailers on repeat so hyped for movies?
Rat Knight
It’s been nine years since the movie came out. Crazy how time flys by. Say what you will about the other movies. But this will always be my number one^^
TheDabbingDog45 btw
I know the movies trash but ive still rewatched this trailer at least 100 times
Visa MrBlack
Who here for 2020? View Trailer Dark of the moon again with new emotion !
Cosmic Bunny
If you want to do some heavy explosive action set pieces Michael Bay is the guy to call to. But what ever you do don't give him the control of the screenplay and dialogs.
Despite how bad this movie is, this trailer really stuck with me.
Лжэ - Инсеверт
Наваливать ложь ? Ну и флаг вам в руки ! Можете фантазировать, особенно про своих перво-покорителей луны...