Transformers 3 Trailer


Here’s a breakdown of one of the many shots from Transformers Dark of The Moon I worked on. Everything was 3DS Max with FumeFX and Krakatoa.


Youtube comments:

Silver- -Nexus
The series should have ended here. This was the best out of all of them.
Esa película es un churro sin megan fox
Soundtrack is 10/10 DOOM Eternal Vibes
Chuck O
I remember the anticipation of this movie it was Unreal
Aaron Frank
0:56 to 1:17
Tấn Phước Trần
9 years. And this trailer still so dope
Dark of the Moon should've been the finale. Tbh I don't really care about the new characters. Only Sam Witwicky and the rest of the crew is who we care about. TF3 was like literally the biggest event ever, it was like Transformer's Endgame. The BEST Transformers film for sure hands down
Steve Wounaris
Did not like. No Megan Fox. Replaced by a dumb blonde. I want two and a half hours of my life back.
It’s been years and I’ve never seen the trailer...
Squidgy Republic
Steven Spielberg be like.......
Just take me back man.
Harry Frost
10 years😭
Ew its Andrew
Ten year's man . . .
Máté Simon
Who is gonna celebrate the 10years in 2021 june 30.😀 I was there in july 2? as far i remember. My 11yo mind blowed, with my best friends, not my first cinema experinece, but still one of the best, and my fav Transformers film today.
Lucas Grezaud
i will always return to this table because i will always get chills throughout its second half.
Daniel Mensah
One of the most thrilling movies of all time
Never gets old
Ben Connolly
2021 where u at
Admit it, you came here just to see and listen to the music at 0:56 and all the way at the end
Anime Greatness Mongolia
2021 still watchig this epic trailer.