Tom Clancy’s The Division

I worked on this project at Blur Studio back in 2014.

I worked on a few complex fluid simulations to help propagate models throughout the environment.

As much as I love the fire effects and everything else in here – these were done by other talented artists at Blur. But I love this piece, it looks amazing and it was great to jump on this project and contribute to it!



Youtube comments:

Knownleaks_ _
Damn 6 yrs I am old af😭😭 who else rewatched this trailer like 100000x times.
Bekir Badem
at 1:40, love this part
Danish Marwah
This is a one hell of a Trailer!!!!!!
Props to the coolest faction:the cleaners
James Douglass
I actually remember this video, wondering wtf this game was. Nice that you found this again. There’s also a series of live action clips people did as promos for the Division. They are well made.
Tuskegee Ace
Love Division 2 but nothing beats this. Bring back Winter NYC.
Tom clancy's games are very different than the rest hes games have somthing that others don't it has reality in it
Paradox Kingdom
I was so scared for the civilian that they helped out I hope he didn’t die in the crossfire
Agent's war journal 25,2019 : "The best cinematic trailer and trailer of The Division franchise" Out.
A shame the trailer was more epic than the actual game.
Mohsen Barh
I miss this game ❣️❤️💔
This never gets old.
Women are queens
Downgrade trailer when
Lucky Dud
Best game ps4
Goofier Python
From starting as a rook to finally becoming a Division agent.... I love this game and all its qualitiesSureIt's had some ups and downs but Ubisoft metioned to pull it off. Thnx guys👍
Chris Mercado
I love this game
Dam after watching this shit 10+ times when it first released I was excited ... But now I realized how fucking sad this trailer is ... I cried silently inside getting choked up ... 2018 ... fucking 2018
Paul Brewer
if only the game was like this but its not
Ian lakes
The cleaners had the right idea they were just executing it wrong