Tom Clancy’s The Division

I worked on this project at Blur Studio back in 2014.

I worked on a few complex fluid simulations to help propagate models throughout the environment.

As much as I love the fire effects and everything else in here – these were done by other talented artists at Blur. But I love this piece, it looks amazing and it was great to jump on this project and contribute to it!



Youtube comments:

Lucky Dud
Best game ps4
Goofier Python
From starting as a rook to finally becoming a Division agent.... I love this game and all its qualitiesSureIt's had some ups and downs but Ubisoft metioned to pull it off. Thnx guys👍
After 2 years...finally, the new updates are really giving this game what it should have been two years ago. The graphics are beautiful, the gameplay is finally not quirky, but smooth and fluid. I'm in love with this game all over again. I'm replaying it getting ready for Division 2 coming out.
What is the name of this song in this trailer? It is pretty awesome!
Chris Mercado
I love this game
Dam after watching this shit 10+ times when it first released I was excited ... But now I realized how fucking sad this trailer is ... I cried silently inside getting choked up ... 2018 ... fucking 2018
Paul Brewer
if only the game was like this but its not
Ian lakes
The cleaners had the right idea they were just executing it wrong
František Strnad
Agent se postaví za obranu nestraného civilisty? Bože tak moc bych si přál abych v Temné Oblasti potkat alespoň jednoho slušného člověka! Jsem si jisty sociálním svědomím agenti...Porazíme a můžeme být sislní proti ODPADLÝM...
I'm pretty sure many people thought the Cleaners would be the main enemies in the game when they 1st saw this
My favorite trailer for this game, I'm glad Ubisoft decided to put more effort and make the game more enjoyable in 2018 :)
Steven Yi
It’s almost depressing to see how much hype there was for this game, but then it was kind of a disappointment. All these trailers are masterpieces. Ubisoft has made some of the best trailers I’ve seen, but not the best games. Except for some games like Rainbow Six Siege. 👌👌
2is Matt
Is that Ryan, Bronson, and Megan? 😂 Watch out.. Ryan has a Firearms build and melts. It's over 9000!!!!!
Talon Hernandez
2018 ????
Daniel Jakes
When video games have better plots than actual movies.
I think I missed a great game, I guess I am always late. But it's not too late.
he feeling of this preview and the advertisement was ground breaking! i waited for this game and when it came out the graphics was a take back. this trailer gave me a totally different feeling from the actual video game. the music score and cinematic was breathtaking but now a days? im waiting to end it and fight arron keener on 1.9 update! and wait for the better sequel of division 2
dont even own the game (yet) (as much as ive wanted it) and i still watch this all the time.
this is like the best trailer i think ive ever seen and will ever see
Still makes me want to go back and play the division