God of War From Ashes (Superbowl)


collaboration with Imaginary Forces on this epic piece.

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Youtube comments:

Ivan Ceja
Thanks snapped his finger at the wrong moment
Oreo Cookie
Before they killed the series with 4.
Luciano Luciano
Dragonkilla 1
This is a dope commercial I get chill bumps off this vibing with Kratos's pain
Sean Brogan
The last decent GOW game
Ryuzaki Hyuga
I really cry everytime i see this trailer. I swear... 😭
Ψ’Ω„ΩŽΨ―ΩΨ¦Ψ¨Ω‘Ω€ fadi
What is the name of the song
Kratos... you did this to yourself...
Landon Glenn
After becoming a father myself a couple of years back, I found this again. Its when you are a parent that you can TRULY understand the pain , agony and ultimately the rage Kratos has. Its just as awesome but now I feel like 100 times more as a dad.
Israel Salvador
Thanos better get away from kratos cause thanks just pissed off kratos
Hakim XT
Anyone watching 2020 this was fire back in 2013 I remember watching this trailer
Thi Nguyen
Need to make a movie based off this trailer
Wang Hung
The last God of War will be entitled God of War: Kratos Vs. Thanos
damn this gives me chills
Bharadwaj Rishi
This song has so much power 😎😎😎😎also after 7 years😈😈😈😈😈
Fuky Series
Imagine a god of war movie with same cgi
Asim Motainai
7 years in I can confirm that this was the best trailer I have ever seen the music choice the visuals everything I still get the same emotional response that I got the first time watching it.
What an epic story...., so epic and real that everytime I think of it, REAL emotions stir in my soul...
Hulk Brabo
does anyone know the name of the song please
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