God of War From Ashes (Superbowl)


collaboration with Imaginary Forces on this epic piece.

>> Click here to watch the VFX Behind The Scenes


Youtube comments:

I still have this on my PS3.
Duane Hisgun
Best trailer
Seneca Vanzandt
Thanos: I am inevitable... Kratos: Did u dust my family?!!!? Rahaaaarrr!!!! Than o s: Ohhh...s***....
Mars Embee
2019 and still like to watch the trailer wishing they'd make a movie
Mr kratos, I don’t feel so good
Joey K G
Still one of the best game trailers to date 🔥
Pius Muchira
... ...😎...✌️...
ADIMAXanime project Athn&eroniya
its just a video game
leandromendoza galvan
Best Movie of Year...God of War :")
The best trailer
Jay Martinez
Who else wants this director to produce THIS movie?!
Murcielago Kuroko
he was the man ontop of the hill, who raised his own child above himself
Best game trailer ever made
Professor José
O amor por Deus e pela família são as forças motrizes do homem. Excelente trailer!
isac YT
Cadê o filme ?
Ankush Sarangi
Its at this time thanos knew.... He fu'ed up
Patrick T
I keep coming back to this..just to watch it.
Wahid Fennour
2019 still watching this trailer
Deep Wet
Here we go again 2019 😬Revenge will never run out, Kratos... You need to forgive your past..