God of War From Ashes (Superbowl)


collaboration with Imaginary Forces on this epic piece.

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Youtube comments:

Wonder Woman
The reason we cry to this trailer is because on a fundamental level we can all identify with loss. Even to the extent of this fictitious character. we see ourselves and the rage within. We see Kratos as ourselves and the child as someone or something we have lost dearly. You would not cry at this trailer if you haven't lost anything dear.
And 1:50 is when I start my workout
Midnight Sun
Kimmm soyluyo bunuuu
Soulo Dolo
This trailer still gives me goosebumps, shows how something can change a man forever
Gustavo Saez Correa
Eduardo Flores
Roshan Lamhe
The hell its been 8 years already? 😢
Slave Knight Gael
Good old days 😍😍😍
Andrea Elizabeth Velez flores
Am I the only one still watching this video? Is anyone else watching it in 2021, or am I the only one?
Sayed Alawi
2021: still best
Ivan Ceja
Thanks snapped his finger at the wrong moment
Oreo Cookie
Before they killed the series with 4.
Luciano Luciano
Dragonkilla 1
This is a dope commercial I get chill bumps off this vibing with Kratos's pain
Sean Brogan
The last decent GOW game
Ryuzaki Hyuga
I really cry everytime i see this trailer. I swear... 😭
آلَدُئبّـ fadi
What is the name of the song
Kratos... you did this to yourself...
Landon Glenn
After becoming a father myself a couple of years back, I found this again. Its when you are a parent that you can TRULY understand the pain , agony and ultimately the rage Kratos has. Its just as awesome but now I feel like 100 times more as a dad.
Israel Salvador
Thanos better get away from kratos cause thanks just pissed off kratos