God of War From Ashes (Superbowl)


collaboration with Imaginary Forces on this epic piece.

>> Click here to watch the VFX Behind The Scenes


Youtube comments:

zaman öyle bir hızdaki..
Majd Majd Maher Zako
Legendary music 💜
The Diesel
Who still rocks this in 2022? Kratos is awesome 😎
Cutty Stark
2022, n i still feel this commercial ❤, best one ever
Том и Джерри
2022 best лучший!
My god this trailer still amazing
fernando barbosa
Sempre choro nessa porra vei
the best presentation of all times!!
Lee Everett
This is probably the greatest trailer I've ever seen of any video game or movie, an absolute masterpiece.
سجاد حسن
the best ad for a legendary game I've ever known, unfortunately it didn't get the fame it deserved. :(
Sara Baltar
2022 ❤️
2022 and still the best tailer I've ever seen
My life memories
Around after nine year i saw this trailer again and i am just emotional at first time when i show this trailer iam in 8 class
Rhy viens
the best game trailer ever
aditya kundu
Literally goosebumps
fernando barbosa
Tem algum clipe mais perfeito q esse?
Vardell's Folly
I keep searching these actors but i cannot find their names.. Not even in imdb..
Filip Alexandru
Song Name pls
Pantu Mondal
i always want a movie on this story