God of War From Ashes (Superbowl)


collaboration with Imaginary Forces on this epic piece.

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Youtube comments:

Sarah Cline
Anyone still watching this in 2019? I Love this video even if its old
Melvin Begay
2019 and still the best
Subscribed to with not a single video
Am I the only one who thinks that kratos's life will continue to be a tragedy? He had his first family stolen from him and now he has his second family but Athena had made it seem as though no matter what happens things won't change so she might find a way for atreus to get killed.
حسين الهدهد الحزين
It is possible to know the rich poison
2k19 still loving this song <3
hari karthick
Anthony Callaway
You fucked up Thanos, Kratos coming for you lol
One of the greatest song to use in a trailer it fits so prefectly
Narendra Ughade
How's watching in 19
jems rahul singh
I love this just in love with this
Dark Light
2019 anyone?
Jason Blue
The most emotional trailer i've ever seen..
sugi ono
Hallo tahun 3045 saya datang dari tahun 2019🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗
Syed Mohsin
Laila Elnory
I feel so bad for him he should of not lost his family I am going to cry 😢
I watch this when I don’t feel like lifting weights then I go lift weights 🏋️‍♀️
Brad Snow
aria mohebi
2019 ANYONE?
God Of Gamer
Horror Memories Back
Deden Setiawan
Theme song?