God of War From Ashes (Superbowl)


collaboration with Imaginary Forces on this epic piece.

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Youtube comments:

M. Iqbal
2020 im still watching
0:55 thanos shouldn't have snapped his finger. now he is in big trouble
um dia terei um nome criativo Mas até lá
Dad, I don't feel so good
bernain molina
Thanos snaps his fingers kratos snaps his neck
angelz galaxy
Danny van Veldhoven
I have probably seen this a hundred times by now,still goosebumps
Danielle Aguilar
I've never in my life gotten this emotional after watching a game trailer until after seeing this. The music and cinematic story of it is too powerful. I remember when this first was released, it hit me like a ton of bricks, and I know absolutely nothing about god of war! Like I said, powerful.
ListentoyourHeart 369
hmm there is truth here
Oscar Cahuana
like si ablas español xd
og.double O.G
I felt his pain fr
dodgy malaka the virgin lord
Anybody else came here from buff dudes?
eduardo Muñoz
deberían de hacer una película
Legendary God!
In all sierras KRATOS cry only 1 time.
Uganda Knuckles
When a Super Bowl Commercial is more respectful to the Main Series than the new director of Naughty Dog and Last of Us.
this trailer never gets old. especially this part 0:54
Eddie G
Raging at home in 2020
Hazel Praptama
Whos is name a song
Drew Atwood
I know that without makeup this dude looks nothing like Kratos. But with it the resemblance is unrivalled. If there is ever a live action movie of GOW, they just need to call this guy. With the makeup, props, and his build he would be the best Kratos ever!! Come on, SONY, make a GoW movie already!! We're waiting!!
Челувек Челувекович
В эти 1,5 минуты запихали больше сюжета, чем в некоторые 1,5 часовые фильмы. Я как этот ролик увидел лет 5 назад. Так его время от времени поглядываю. Тут просто великолепнейшим образом передали боль Кратоса и его неудержимую ярость. С повествовательной стороны, просто и гениально.
Rommel Pineyro
Thanos really snapped his family away.