God of War From Ashes (Superbowl)


collaboration with Imaginary Forces on this epic piece.

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Youtube comments:

Fuky Series
Imagine a god of war movie with same cgi
Asim Motainai
7 years in I can confirm that this was the best trailer I have ever seen the music choice the visuals everything I still get the same emotional response that I got the first time watching it.
What an epic story...., so epic and real that everytime I think of it, REAL emotions stir in my soul...
Hulk Brabo
does anyone know the name of the song please
ان الله لا يستحي
Kiryu Kazuma
1:22 am i d only 1 heard Kratos voice in my head?
7 years later and this is still THE BEST game trailer I have ever seen in my life. I come back to watch this a few times in a row every so often and it blows me away every single time.
Baudelio Paredes
This gets me pumped the f*cking up. 💪🏽
Conrad Marks
this is literally a movie trailer..... WTF is Sony waiting for
game trailers please make a video and explain this beginning to me because i don't understand
Shaun Richardson
This trailer has a better story line than the new trilogy
The Executer
Brandon White is born for the role of young Kratos.
Mr Destructor
This thing makes kratos fan cry and kratos motivated to revenge..
kenny powerz
Emotions still hit hard! Even after all these years later
aw it didn't work this time on to violet evergarden
Shadows Dark 550
They should make a film bcs that guy rly looks like a kratos.
The Cipher
Thanos : "Snap" KRATOS DAUGTHER: THANOS:Oh......
Jason Todf
My girlfriend lost our baby was a girl. I will never forgive God for that. I am alone now nothing but memories and rage.
مـلوگهہ توتهہ
شنو اسم الفلم فدوة لان مثلينه حقيقه ليعرفه حل يكلي 😔😭😓😢😢
Erfan Daneshmand
Hello, can you tell me what was the cause of the war between primordials before the Titans?