God of War From Ashes (Superbowl)


collaboration with Imaginary Forces on this epic piece.

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Youtube comments:

TheUnknown Soul
Omg I remember this trailer its been so long
The music is just terribke
Katya Katya
oh kratos 😢
Francisco Baltodano
The fact that my daughter was being taking away from me and my 49ers Superbowl appearance. Was the worst for this video. I cried so hard before the game started
itallo junior
Niles Parker
With Atreus, he has a second chance.
Noman Khan
2019 but still favorite trailer
Champsy 2004
0:55 when thanos snaps his fingers
Jose Daniel Díaz
la piel de gallina cada vez que lo veo
What an epic video to iconic legacy that was given life .
hussein hussein
0:54 Thanos snapped his finger
Who is this skinny punk posing as kratos?
Rainier Bantilan
Just make a god of war movie!!!
Green Monsta
God damn Thanos killed Kratos family as well
ElGero Gaming
madito thanos
Ramon Cardoso
Como seria massa um filme de god off war
houcine chams
Ahsn i3lan f al3ab lgimarsse
Chit Myo Wai
damm it thanos😔
Manasseh Jabes
Please sent song name please please bro