God of War From Ashes (Superbowl)


collaboration with Imaginary Forces on this epic piece.

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Youtube comments:

James dude
Kratos always remind me off scorpion from mkx that dude who say( GET OVER HERE)
Yep, still makes me cry every time I see this video.
what is the soundtrack?
Len Xiang
I still cry whenever I watch this
Boy Prasetya
this part so touch in heart
DJ Monster Bane Clarked & Screwed Remix
when thanos snapped his fingers 0:56
ArizonaTeayum 96
Damn I remember when my dad showed me this πŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯
lil mOO
This video was better than the game.
Chris Harsley
Still gives me chills and chokes me up.
Ashudh Khiladi
The f**king reviewers was saying "god of war 4 has a good story before that kratos was just a powerful dude who liked sex and killing people" and I'm like have you even played the previous games. if you haven't at least do your research. (I don't remember exactly) God of war 1 has a stage were evil varsions of kratos trys to kill his wife and daughter and you have to protect them from those evil kratos and you need power for that and how do you get that? By hugging your wife and daughter to sacrifice your health so they can survive the attacks . He was a deep charector before you dumb f**k even know about him.i love God of war 4 but still i prefer previous god of wars then 4 for me gow4 felt last of us kratos edition.
Cory Austin
Damn, Thanos snapped his daughter away...
alaric singer
Best commercial Ive seen still
Best god of war trailer ever
I still have this on my PS3.
Seneca Vanzandt
Thanos: I am inevitable... Kratos: Did u dust my family?!!!? Rahaaaarrr!!!! Than o s: Ohhh...s***....
Mars Embee
2019 and still like to watch the trailer wishing they'd make a movie
Mr kratos, I don’t feel so good
Joey K G
Still one of the best game trailers to date πŸ”₯
Pius Muchira
... ...😎...✌️...
ADIMAXanime project Athn&eroniya
its just a video game