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Spiderman: Far From Home (VFX Breakdown)

      ​This morning, the Spiderman: Far From Home Trailer was released. This is a VFX Case Study I did for it. Share0 Tweet0 Share0 ​CLICK HERE TO WATCH THE VIDEO​ ​This post is also short and sweet.BUT! I wanted to just jump on this topic for a moment and share some insights: my […]

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Venom (VFX Breakdown)

 ​I’m going behind the scenes on the visual effects for the movie Venom — and discussing the VFX for the film not as an artist, but as a VFX Supervisor. Share0 Tweet0 Share0 ​CLICK HERE TO WATCH THE VIDEO ​This is a deep dive into deconstructing individual FX sequences and shots and the techniques and […]

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How to Set Your Big Goals To Stick

 ​So, have you started your New Year’s resolutions yet? I think we all have mixed feelings about this topic, since most of us are convinced New Year’s resolutions don’t work — and statistically, they don’t. In fact 80% of New ​Year’s resolutions fail by February. So whether it’s December 31st or August 18th, the driver […]

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What 20 Years of Failure Taught Me

I want to talk about an important subject here: The major failures I’ve had in my career — but also how they’ve led to major wins! One of the ones I talk about in this video was hitting a cap on what I could charge as a freelancer and how rethinking how I price myself […]

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VFX Case Study: Avengers Infinity War

Recently I created episode 1 of the VFX Breakdown – which was about Sony’s new movie VENOM. This was a lot of fun and got a lot of great reception, both from industry VFX Supervisors, as well as fans of the film. I also created a follow up (trailer) of Spiderman Far From Home. Which was […]

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Specialist or Generalist as a Digital Artist?

​One of the most common questions I get asked – and this week alone I’ve received a lot of email about this is exact question..”Should I be a specialist, or should I be a generalist?”This question applies to you – whether you’re a designer, an FX TD, animator, you work in video games, or you […]

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