What is a Technical Director? And what do they do?

Whether you are a Houdini artist writing in VEX or Python or 3DS Max with MaxScript, Maya with MEL Script, or Python scripting in Nuke, Blender or any other package. This all applies! And for Character TD or Pipeline TD or Effects TD we break down every role.

Let’s talk the role of becoming a TD in Visual Effects or Games.

You might also know this term, as “TD”, or “Technical Artist”.

I’m going to teach you how to land a job at a big vfx studio as a Technical Director. We’ll cover everything from what is a TD? How to become one. The different type’s of TD roles. Why they are so important. The pro’s and con’s of being a TD. How much the position pays, and most importantly HOW TO BECOME ONE!


So what is a Technical Director?

How I discovered the term ‘TD’

There are many types of TD’s out there from Character TD / Lighting TD / Shader TD / Pipeline TD
And even subsets of Technical Director’s like FX TD / Comp TD / Cloth, hair, who can be support, or work on shots.

We’ll cover what Technical Director’s do in VFX.

From handling the technical side, build scripts / tools / pipeline / support team and of course handling tricky shots and problem solving tasks.

We will also get into undering the Technical Director position in Visual effects.

From ‘why are they so important?’
And, the pro’s of becoming a TD
and of course the negative sides of the job.

And the biggest topic of all ‘how to become a TD’
What do does the role pay?

and the requirements to becoming a TD?

Here are just a few of the subjects we get into:
– What is a technical director
– Why you would want to have this position
– What they typically do day to day
– What does it pay?
– Downsides of being a TD
– How stable is the position (and how competitive)
– Requirements + How to become one / the career path
– Examples of TD’s and what they do in movies


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