Breaking into the industry through the side door

(Episode updated, had a few large gaps of silence that snuck in there!)

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How to host events, learn to network and create unique opportunities to get hired!

This episode is about how to maximize your potential of getting noticed. By thinking outside the box and creating your own opportunities. You’ve got to be in it to win it right? So take action and get out there and hustle, rather than stand still! you can go through the front door with your resume in hand and go up against a dozen other people for a position, or get ahead of the crowd by coming through the side door – by creating your own opportunities to stand out from the crowd and get noticed and favored by your target audience (your employer)!

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Thanks guys!

Next episode interviews a great friend of mine from Weta and Digital Domain on many of his recent projects including Planet of the Apes 2 and The Hobbit 2!


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