Revisiting our 2015 goals – and learning to fail UP!

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Back in December we set out the challenge of setting BIG goals for 2015 and as time passes – it’s time to check in.. How are you doing with your goals?

This episode is to focus not on setting goals, but how to stay accountable and how to minimize your failure rate by building solid routines and identifying why you mightn’t be having the successes you should be having … so that you can crush these obstacles and get back on track. It’s July, we are mid way through 2015 and there is still plenty of time to find your path and get back on the horse to career success.
Whether you are changing careers or you simply want to step out and do big things, this is your year and it’s time to take action in originally taking action!

Post your comments in the show notes and let all of us know where you are at, what are your successes and what are your ‘sticking points’ that are causing you not to get the success you want. Let us all know and we’ll do the same – we’re in this together and we all want to see each of us succeed.

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