Episode 31! Killer tools to help you get s!#% _DONE_!

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By far the most different episode I have made to date. Rather than focusing on interviewing artists or on core ways to build up your career. I wanted to share some of the tools _I_ use in production or day to day that are pivotal to getting things done.

There are some very useful email tools that really go above and beyond that I highly recommend, and many other tools and insights.

Going with the trend of doing something not done on this podcast so far – you can also go through this episode as a VIDEO by going to the link https://allanmckay.goeoqov0-liquidwebsites.com/31download/ to view the video and watch as I go through everything in the podcast on screen and demonstrate how I use these tools.

Furthermore I want to know what tools YOU use. Leave a comment below on what tools you find to be useful or critical to your day to day work! I would love to hear from you on this – maybe there’s some tools I don’t know about that might help me be more productive!

Finally, visit the link to watch the video companion as I visually walk through how to use all of these tools  https://allanmckay.goeoqov0-liquidwebsites.com/31download/ Click the link to watch the video


Email Game




awesome note

one note



Time Doctor

Rescue Time







[email protected]


More.. to..come!


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