Episode 3 – Carlos Anguiano Part 2 (Final part)


#5 in iTunes career category after just 5 days – holy moly!

This episode is the second part of my interview with Carlos. I will warn you this episode is a bit more on the technical side,it’s purely aimed at becoming a Technical Director and the benefits and advantages of having some scripting background, even if you’re an animator – what you can gain from this knowledge

Watching this you will get a stronger understanding of how being a Technical Director doesn’t mean you need to know math, or that you need to write code all day, but by having this ability it will help your skills, speed, productivity and power to get things done! Plus negotiate higher salary’s, make a bigger impact in your work place, be more favorable over other job candidates and stand out from the crowd.

Show notes for this episode and the previous ones will be up shortly – obviously having pushed out 4 episodes in one week something had to give!

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