Episode 20 – Pierre Grage’s new book ‘Inside VFX’

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I recently had the chance to talk in-depth with Pierre Grage about his new (and amazing!) book ‘Inside VFX’. I have to say the minute this book was released I had it express-delivered because I was so anxious to consume this book. I think there has been so much negative information put out there about the ‘instability’ of the VFX industry, yet there really hasn’t been many resources out there to really help us understand how or why exactly this industry is facing tough times.

What I love so much about this book is it provides so much insightful information about the economics of the VFX world, and Hollywood in general, as well as the history of VFX with many, many insightful case studies on all of the most popular films dating back to the dawn of visual effects. It leaves it up to us to make our minds up about whether VFX is ‘doomed’ but more importantly it gives us the knowledge and understanding to better adapt to this ever-growing and still very ‘young’ industry.


I’m not sure if you have noticed – but I keep clear of these subjects typically. I am not one to get on the fear-train and start screaming ‘the end is coming’ because I simply don’t believe this is the case. I ‘do’ believe that this industry is growing, changing and evolving constantly – and that we need to adapt too to move forward. This is really why I produced this podcast in the first place, to provide -you- the necessary skills and ideas to evolve and to take your career and your life in your own hands and make the most of your career.

This by far is one of my favorite episodes produced for this Podcast. I gained so much insight talking to Pierre and learning both his background and his knowledge as well as his views on both the industry and how we can take advantage of all of this. I had an absolute blast talking with him about all of this and I already want to do more episodes with him – because this stuff is gold!

Listen to this – you will learn so much – and if you are interested, buy the book – it may save your life – it will definitely make you sound more knowledgeable on the subject and form your own views on the ever changing industry that we know as visual effects!


Pierre Grage is a senior visual effects professional with a degree in economics. His specialization in digital special effects for feature films has enabled him to live and work in Europe, New Zealand, Australia and South East Asia. He has held CG artist positions with leading visual effects houses, including Industrial Light & Magic, Weta Digital, Double Negative and Animal Logic. His work can be seen in films like Avatar, Pacific Rim, Sucker Punch and Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix.

Check out Pierre’s book ‘Inside VFX’ here


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