Episode 18 – Blur Studio’s Chad Wanstreet Pt. 1

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Chad Wanstreet is an amazing artist with a very vast background, we dive into a lot of really great subjects as we discuss his background coming from architecture to working on many high profile car commercials in Detroit to relocating to Los Angeles to work for Blur Studio.

This is a subject for me really interested me, as relocating anywhere, especially with a family of your own is a very big deal and it was really exciting to delve into this as well as a lot of what he’s accomplished in the past.

Chad’s currently running a CG Society workshop as well as various other things and working with Blur on many exciting projects, very cool! This is a long one, but riddled with a lot of really great and valuable insight from someone with a heck of a lot of experience. Really valuable and I urge you to see it through!

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