Episode 13 – Creating your morning ritual

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This episode is very focused on more our core habits, how to build a ‘ritual’ to start out your day so you wake up productive and know exactly what you need to get done and go about doing it by batching your tasks intelligently and adding time constraints to all of your tasks so that you’re able to track your succes, eliminate bad habits and be more aware where your time is actually going.

We all want more time in our day to get more done, typically a task takes 30 days of doing daily to form a habit. The more habits we have the more auto-pilot we are to waking up, doing those things and getting them done with minimal effort, and using our goals from Episode 10 (https://allanmckay.goeoqov0-liquidwebsites.com/10/) you’ll be able to create 2-3 additional days a week to focus on those bigger long-form tasks!

Leave a comment I’d love to know your thoughts, and I triple dare you to try an ice bath, 20 minutes submerged, can you do it?!

Show notes at https://allanmckay.goeoqov0-liquidwebsites.com/13/


Over the weekend I will start sending emails occasionally related to these episodes – for instance I will be sending a few exclusive email scripts – showing actual emails I use to reach out to studios for work. For those of you who do sign up for all this exclusive free content: I just ask that you keep it to yourself, as your private bag of tricks, and for example with the email scripts don’t just copy and paste these emails and reword them a little – that’s not what these are for and they will benefit noone doing this if everyone starts sending word for word identical emails. Learn the general concept of strong communication and positioning – and apply it to your own emails, deconstruct what I’ve written and learn from it. That’s all I ask! Enjoy guys!


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