Episode 12 – Work from anywhere – steps to working remotely from home or ‘wherever’

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This episode I have been excited to discuss for some time – and have shared a lot with my discussion with Todd Sheridan Perry in Episode 9 about his experiences on working from home in Seattle. I have had so much personal experience both launching my own visual effects studio of 30+ people and working on many feature films, as well as working remotely for myself from my home both in Australia and in Los Angeles.

With technology and many tools and the internet booming more each day, there is no excuse for many of us to break free and set up our own visual effects services, or renegotiate our lives to work from our own environments we choose. Whether it be leaving to set up our own studios, or working remotely from home – or going the more adventurous and taking our services on the road – working from beaches or other remote locations! Anything is possible!

I urge you to sign up to the VIP list this week as I am starting to send out a lot of goldmines of information pertaining to these subjects, such as email scripts I’ve personally used to get work as well as many tools and other great and vital information to help you. I want to reward those who are serious about taking the next step with these tools so they’re exclusive to those of us taking action!

Leave a comment or a review, I’d love to hear you thoughts – December is our big month so dive in and let me know how you go in the comments section, I promise to read every comment and reply as much as I can! I’d love to hear from you!


Over the weekend I will start sending emails occasionally related to these episodes – for instance I will be sending a few exclusive email scripts – showing actual emails I use to reach out to studios for work. For those of you who do sign up for all this exclusive free content: I just ask that you keep it to yourself, as your private bag of tricks, and for example with the email scripts don’t just copy and paste these emails and reword them a little – that’s not what these are for and they will benefit noone doing this if everyone starts sending word for word identical emails. Learn the general concept of strong communication and positioning – and apply it to your own emails, deconstruct what I’ve written and learn from it. That’s all I ask! Enjoy guys!


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