Episode 116 — Mastering a New Skill


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Episode 116 – Mastering a New Skill

[-[12:51] So many people what to learn a new skill but they just “don’t have the time”. Invest an hour a day for 90 days allows for a growth spurt. We’ve all heard about the 10,000 hours to learn a new language or master any skill. But there is another way: by total immersion. By fully immersing yourself, you can learn at an accelerated rate.

You can learn a language by living in another country:

– It’s a lot more effective because you have the necessity, the need to speak.

– You have a constant input and output going on (even non-verbal).

[-[11:09] This applies not only to language learning. You can chose to do the bare minimum: When you go study at a university, it’s the bare minimum pace. It’s the minimum expected out of you. But if you’re a champion — if you want to achieve more — you’re going to set the bar higher and you’re going to have a sense of urgency. 


Identify the Why

[-[10:20] Why do we learn something? We do it to obtain a new skill set to apply in our life, to have something fulfilling outside of our work. That’s another key thing: Think about WHY you want to learn.


Set the Bar High

[-[09:40] The important thing is to have the bar set high. If you set it too high, you’ll have to adjust it. If you set it too low, you won’t push yourself hard enough.

[-[09:19] A lot of people say they don’t have enough time. That’s why I’ve put together The Productive Artist. What you’re really saying, “I am making an excuse for why I’m not going to learn this new skill”. Once you have learned to manage your time better, what would do with that extra time? Reinvest it in yourself!

[-[08:36] Rather than following a tutorial, create your own shot. That way you meet your own challenges and learn how to overcome them. That’s why in my courses, I encourage my students to create their own stuff:

– It gets them more noticed. Their footage stands out.

– They’re learning to meet their own challenges.


There is ALWAYS Enough Time!

[-[07:06] In terms of finding more time, there are so many ways. If you’re able to invest 1 hour a day, it amounts to 4% per month. If you commit one hour per day for 90 days, you can condense 1-2 years of learning into that period, just by pure momentum. This is an investment within yourself.

[-[05:24] Just by getting up an hour earlier, you get so much accomplished. This is important! People set their own curriculum. It doesn’t mean you can’t have a different momentum, a sense of urgency.


Crush it!


– Achieve total immersion.

– Have a sense of urgency.

– Have high expectations of yourself.

– Get out of your comfort zone.

– Put the new skill toward something. Have an end game!

Making time is the easy part. It’s up to you what you do with that free time.


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