Episode 113 — Jumping on New Trends



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Episode 113 – Jumping on New Trends

[-[16:37] If you’re looking for a way to get the upper hand — more importantly, a way to stand out in 2018 — one of the biggest things you can do is figure out what the latest trends are. 

One of the biggest things going around right now is so much innovation, but not enough people to fill those seats. I’ve talked about High Demand — Low Supply before: allanmckay.com/44/. This is a chance for you to anticipate what the biggest things that everyone is going to jump on — and to become one of those innovators by getting ahead of the curb.

[-15:45] Take a look at Sol Rogers, the leader in Virtual Reality: allanmckay.com/24/. When VR came around, most people thought it was cool. But Sol was able to make it his focus and get in on the ground floor. It’s so easy to take a look at what is coming up and what the jobs are starting to get posted a lot (specific software, for example).


Identify Upcoming Trends

[-[14:46] I remember when Massive Software, developed by Weta Digital, came out. If you were to learn Massive and be that one TD who specializes in the crowd work, that is one way to become in demand when no one else is doing it yet. Or, when Particle Flow came out, I jumped on it right away. It put me into a special category. I see that as something that has a lot of power. While other people are curious, I’ve already sunk my teeth into it.

[-[13:30] You have to think about this stuff: What are the upcoming trends.

– I look at 3DS 2018, it has Bifrost. That is Maya’s Fluids. This tool became public a few weeks ago.

– In gaming, Unity and Unreal Engine are dominating right now.

It’s about where you invest your time and becoming a commodity. Massive is a great example but it’s not in high demand. It’s better to add it to your toolkit.


Be Specific with Your Skills

[-[11:40] Take a look at the skill sets you already have and maybe propose them more efficiently. Use the keywords that answer the questions ahead of time. This will make you resonate more. In addition, when you interview with HR, they too will recognize those key words.

– Instead of saying you’re a 3D Artist, call yourself a “Real Flow Water Simulation Artist who Also Does Destruction in Thinking Particles”.

– Instead of an FX Artist, you’re a “Thinking Particles Destruction Artist”.

– Instead of calling yourself a Compositor, you are a “Nuke Compositor with Plenty of Stereoscopic Experience”.

By niching down, you’re going to stand out. In certain circles, that makes you resonate the most. 


Start Branding Your Special Skills

[-[08:58] Look at what’s coming up, what innovations are coming around the corner. Look at ways you can stand out. It is really important to find that! When Maya Fluids came out — and it had potential — I jumped on it right away. I was able to do more in my work. It changed things a lot.


– Go to the job boards and see what people are posting the most.

– At the same time, look at what the new tools are being announced right now by every company. Decide which ones have the most potential

– Put out some tutorials on these new tools and become visible. You’re positioning yourself as an authority.

You want to be identified with that new thing. Become cross-associated with that thing. That’s powerful branding.

A good example that I hear all the time: Who do you think of when you think of success? Richard Branson. It’s about that association. For you, you can get on that ground level right now.


Stand Out

There are a lot of new tools and platforms coming out. This is your chance to get into that space. (Listen to my interview with Bay Raitt on VR Comics: allanmckay.com/102/.)

[-[04:41] For you it might be a chance to stand out and gain a lot of traction. It’s worth putting in the time knowing that nobody else is doing right now. You can later apply that traction to other areas.

[-[03:31] Think about what people are requesting. You can even tackle it at a micro level: Ask your Studio Manager about what tools they’re looking into. They be looking to hire a water specialist. Offer to learn that in your space time. (They may even offer to pay for a course for you.) That would solidify your place in the company. Scripting has always been a tool like that. It make you irreplaceable because you’re doing something no one else can do, like writing new tools.


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