Episode 11! Reaching out to studios for work

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Crafting the ultimate job letter and how to position and qualify yourself

This episode dives into some of the core concepts of writing a strong cover letter or email to reach out to studios for work. This can make the difference between whether your email actually gets read and if your reel gets seen, and how to have invisible threads that help you promote yourself without sounding like you’re bragging.

Check out the show notes at https://allanmckay.goeoqov0-liquidwebsites.com/11/ and leave a comment on any experience you’ve had or thoughts you have on this subject! I’d love to hear it and I promise to read every response!

Over the weekend I will start sending emails occasionally related to these episodes – for instance I will be sending a few exclusive email scripts – showing actual emails I use to reach out to studios for work. For those of you who do sign up for all this exclusive free content: I just ask that you keep it to yourself, as your private bag of tricks, and for example with the email scripts don’t just copy and paste these emails and reword them a little – that’s not what these are for and they will benefit noone doing this if everyone starts sending word for word identical emails. Learn the general concept of strong communication and positioning – and apply it to your own emails, deconstruct what I’ve written and learn from it. That’s all I ask! Enjoy guys!


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