Update, Interview & Final Real Flow Workshop!!

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October 17, 2013
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October 17, 2013
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Update, Interview & Final Real Flow Workshop!!

Interview with McKay at CG SWOT

I recently did an interview with CG SWOT on some of the current things I’ve been up to, you can check it out here:

Or direct download link here which goes for roughly an hour just discussing some of the recent things I’ve been doing as well as some of the things I’ve been doing in the past, enjoy!

Last Real Flow Workshop for the year!! SIGN UP NOW!

Just announced this week, and commencing July 1st, this will be the last Real Flow Workshop for some time, this workshop has been a major success, and due to the popular interest from many people, as well as the now released Real Flow 5, I wanted to run this workshop one last time so this class will fill up very quickly, so get in fast!
The workshop covers many great subjects associated with Real Flow, primarily used as a way to get people working in a film production pipeline on Real Flow fast. The work coming out of artists after completing this workshop has been very impressive and I’m very keen to see participate in this workshop with all of the upcoming students!
Sign up now for July 1st Real Flow CG Society Workshop! CHECK IT OUT HERE

Quick update
So this has been an extremely busy past 3 months, after wrapping at ILM I’ve been working on Priest alongside a lot of ex ILM, Pixar and Orphange folk in San Francisco on what looks to be a really impressive film. I’m in the middle of wrapping up on the final sequence of the film, after which I plan to take some time off until August to focus purely on training and a couple of new business ventures.
So part of this will be to focus on expanding this website with loads of new Real Flow, Thinking Particles, Maya, Houdini and Rayfire tutorials. There is a lot coming, and my focus will be 100% on doing this and running CG Society CGWORKSHOPS for the coming months. So stay tuned, and thanks for your patience!

So big things to come! For all of those who have emailed me over the past couple of months and not received a response, please be patient I will get back to you the first chance I get, once this film has wrapped and I’ve recovered from one hell of a big wrap party!

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