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October 17, 2013
Generating initial object data via pflow & maxscript
October 17, 2013
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Up Up and Away!

New Maxscripts are up in the maxscript section.

MaxScripts Section Just a couple, I have literally around 100 production level scripts that are pretty darn cool I’ve been wanting to put up, however right now they are tied to Catastrophic FX’s pipeline, so they need to be reworked a bit before they will work on everyone elses max out of the box. But expect this section to grow fairly regularly.

New Tutorials

Legacy Tutorials As previously mentioned, this website is still under heavy construction, the tutorials section has been fleshed out more with images and descriptions of most of the tutorials.

Wrapping Tasks Up: There is also a new tutorial, which basically was going to be just a quick 3 line script, however I thought it might get misinterpreted. The idea was to promote creating custom forces, and acknowledging repeatetive tasks, and squashing them. So I decided to wrap it into a quick demo talk instead. This basically explains how to build a turbulence rig you like, and then wrap it into a one-click script, so you can easily just ‘add’ turbulence to your scene without having to build several winds, adjust them etc. As I mentioned, more theory based.


Advanced Tutorials: I wanted to flesh out a few more basic how-to’s as most of my stuff is fairly hands on, however what will probably be coming over the coming weeks/months/whenever I have time – will be a lot of Advanced FX related material, so those budding to see more intermediate-expert level content, your prayers should soon be answered.

NEWS: Emails Emails Emails…

First of all thanks for filling my inbox! I’m trying to be better about responding, I get a bit bogged down – so feel free to ping me with another email if I haven’t responded just to be safe!

Joe Gunn: Also if you go to the STORE section of this website (yes bit of shameless promotion) I am now hosting all of Joe Gunn’s awesome DVD’s up there. We’ll be collaborating on a few things in the future, so more to come on that. But Joe’s got some great material on Cloth, Hair & Mental Ray well worth checking out so take a look when you get a chance.

ILM: I should be heading to Industrial Light + Magic in about a week’s time to commence work on a new film project, so I’ve enjoyed my time back in Australia while I had a chance but I’m off to California for at least the next 4-6 months.

Digg/Tweet/Stumble – Now the site is officially back up, with nearly 30+ video tutorials, and several hours of video, whenever you get the chance please feel free to let others know via news sites or word of mouth – I have received plenty of cranky emails from people trying to download or view my old website without being able to because of the massive amounts of downloads every day caused it to become infamously well known as “Site Bandwidth Exceeded“! So now that its back up and alive – please spread the word!

New Work: I recently teamed up with a few Ex-Blur Studio guys to work on a really awesome game cinematic which should hopefully be announced soon. So more information on that soon!

Publications: Check out latest issue of Digital Media World Magazine (#117) for a new series I’m putting together on all of the current fluids technology for each major package. So each month I’m writing up a one page overview of each packages primary fluids solution’s features and how it holds up against the others. Issue 117 is on Fume FX, next month you can check out Maya’s.

Also next issue of 3D World Magazine has a few words from me on one of its key subjects.

I think thats it for tonight!
-Allan McKay
13th October 2009 – Brisbane, Australia

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