Pipeline Training Video – Accessing Render Nodes with Maxscript

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December 23, 2013
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January 2, 2014
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Pipeline Training Video – Accessing Render Nodes with Maxscript

Hey guys! so I trust you’re having a great holiday so far! I wanted to release this video which I think is a fun introductory to more more pipeline orientated scripting.

The goal of this training video is to demonstrate how to build a list of all your render nodes inside of Max, and have the ability to just double click the node you want to access and it will log into it via remote desktop. Pretty handy as no typing or any manual work is involved. Yet it’s pretty straight forward to build this and definitely should get you thinking of other things you could do with this approach!


I won’t spend a lot of time talking about this, let’s just jump in and do it! And lastly you can download the files below (if you are viewing this from my website, otherwise go to www.ALLANMCKAY.COM and search for remote desktop or maxscript on the search panel to find this post, and links to where to access the maxcript. I hope you enjoyed that! Like I said the concept itself is pretty straight forward and it’s something that once you build you will probably opt to using this quite often. Plus it’s something that is very easy to build upon, as the way we construct the script is to read actual files we set up.


So suddenly, you could really use this in so many other ways. Whether it be to read other maxfiles(!) or pipeline documents or a dozen other things. This is just the tip of the iceberg, plenty more stuff coming – so stay tuned! And lastly, you can add me to Facebook or Twitter to get the most up to date material, and here’s a link to my website again where you can download the MaxScript.

One last thing, I’m not sure if you heard, but just in time for X-Mas I’ve put out a brand new training course on Maya FumeFX. This is a 7 hour course, and pretty jam packed with goodies, I think that no matter what your skill level, when you’re first switching either from Maya Fluids, or from FumeFX Max, this is an essential stepping stone to getting up to speed fast! Check it out – for the next two week’s it’s going for $57, after which it will go back to it’s original price of $97.

So get it while it’s practically half price! Happy holidays guys!


Download the maxscript here: MXS_RDP_v001_t001.ms



  1. nariman safarov says:

    sorry it worked

  2. nariman safarov says:

    Does not work

    global RMDPath=”Y:/ASSETS/RMD/”

    NodeList =#()

    rollout gui_RDP “Remote Desktop”
    listbox _Nodes “Node List:” items:NodeList
    button _Launch “Launch Node”
    on _launch “Launch Node”
    createdialog gui_RDP

    — shellLaunch”mstsc.exe”(RMDPath+BLADE3)

  3. nariman safarov says:

    It worked
    Is there a tutorial how to marry backburner with fume fx with this script?
    Or is there any other way?
    Have a lot of nodes about 20 at work another 16 at home and computing simulation on one machine for 30 hours is quite boring
    I am just starting with vfx shifting from architectural visualization.
    Is there a way I can distribute via backburner simulation frames on all the nodes using this script…
    Thank you

    • amckay says:

      Hey Nariman, I did heavily cover how to do this in my FX TD mentorship course – however next week I am releasing a whole lot of new training (free) and one of the videos goes into how to build a script to cache Thinking Particles over Backburner (as well as cache locally to that drive, and transfer the files back to the network afterward). So I think this will probably give you a lot of ideas how to do it – as it’s pretty straight forward once you get the hang of it.

      So keep an eye out next week, I think you’ll find it useful. Thanks Nariman!

  4. Nariman says:

    Thank you verymuch for your answer very igore for that release, thank you again, keep going all the knowledge shared is very usefull.

  5. Nariman says:

    The course is free, what a surprise, are you kind of monk living in the himalayan cave, stoped eating breathing, anyways thank you once again…
    At the office now, waiting to come home and see whats inside.)))))

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