New Live Action VFX Training Series – 18 Hours of Free Content

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March 14, 2016
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September 27, 2016
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New Live Action VFX Training Series – 18 Hours of Free Content


Hi Everyone – I just released a new 8 video Live Action VFX Training Series – The free training series is shot in LA, and covers 18 hours of high end film visual effects from start to finish. This also includes HD Footage, Scene files, HDRI, Roto-mattes and more! Check out the link below – let me know what you think!


Check it out @ (for whatever reason my blog is hating linking to sites today so you’ll have to manually copy paste the link..)


  1. Sead says:

    How do i download this tutorial?I mean download,not watching online,thanks

  2. Nayan says:

    Hey allan, I am so excited for the Live action series and I am getting your links for the same regularly through your mail, but unfortunately I am not having enough time to sit and watch or even understand properly, and its only available till july 10,

    So is there a way that I can watch this series again later, or I can subscribe, coz I am really want to understand few videos

    Thank you

  3. jinsenlin says:

    Hello, I want to have a video of “New Live Action VFX Training Series – 18 Hours of Free Content.” Can you send me a copy? I subscribed to see “Unfortunately the videos you requested have expired July 10.” Do not know if you can understand these elements. ———- (PS: I can not speak English, this passage is through the Google translation)

    • amckay says:

      Hi Jinsenlin, unfortunately those videos were only available for a certain amount of time (July 11 I believe was the cut off) as they were actual course videos of a bigger premium course. So I couldn’t keep them available forever. However, I do have some new videos coming out next week so keep an eye out for these! :)

      Thanks Jinsenlin!

  4. Mahmoud says:

    Hi Allan

    First of all thanks A lot for what you are offering to teach us the VFX Techniques , Thanks For your time

    I would to like to know from where can i have link to watch or download the new 8 video Live Action VFX Training Series ,

    and am looking to get your FX TD Transformation Course But i found that it’s not available any more :(

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