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Following the success of Artist Insight Series, I'm proud to announce The Allan McKay Podcast, which will focus on bringing insight and valued content to artists working both in visual effects as well as other mediums. This is an opportunity to share great information and inspirational words from many of the top leading artists working in Hollywood and worldwide! I will be contributing a majority of my time to this podcast to give as much to it as I can and bring high-end information to help further your career, your work and your skills as well as help inspire artists to grow and raise the bar. Upcoming episodes include artists from Pixar,http://www.allanmckay.com/28/ Industrial Light + Magic, Blur Studio and even a few feature film directors. I will be releasing episodes weekly, as well as putting up content specifically aimed at various subjects whether you want to build your brand and your name or get more job offers, make yourself more employable or increase your opportunities. Learn to bid on projects and even start your own studio. Work faster, more effectively and avoid burn out. There's a little of everything in here, so dive in and subscribe today!

Show notes, Links and Resources for All Episodes

Below are all the shows, listed from newest to oldest!
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Episode List below:

Episode 42 - How to build the ultimate reel to land your dream job
Episode 41 - Gears of War - Insights with the Character Team
Episode 40 - Zsolt Poczos - Making high-risk and high-reward decisions to shape the success of your career
Episode 39 - Dawn of the Zombies... a great episode on film making
Episode 38 - Delcio Gomes - Industrial Light + Magic - Avengers: Age of Ultron
Episode 37 - VFX Round Table - Chad, Hnedel, Allan & Sol
Episode 36 - What it takes to create your own tv show for animal planet?
Episode 35 - Starting your own Visual Effects Studio
Episode 34 - The Importance of Finding Mentor
Episode 33 - Studio Insight: Rising Sun Pictures (Wolverine, Harry Potter, Terminator)
Episode 32 - Becoming a LinkedIn Ninja!
Episode 31 - Killer tools to help you get s!#% _DONE_!
Episode 30 - Dan Roarty - Character Artist
Episode 29 - Andrew Kramer of Video Copilot
Episode 28 - Christopher Nichols - Chaos Group
Episode 27 - James Bennett - Zerply
Episode 26 - Extreme Workflow & Productivity Hacks
Episode 25 - Sol Rogers - The Authority on Virtual Reality Pt. 2
Episode 24 - Sol Rogers - The Authority on Virtual Reality Pt. 1
Episode 23 - Eddie Perlberg - Lead 3DS Max Product Manager
Episode 22 - Tobin Kirk Executive Producer - Blind
Episode 21 - Rob Nederhorst - Compositor & VFX Supervisor
Episode 20 - The book 'Inside VFX' Author - Pierre Grage
Episode 19 - Chad Wanstreet Pt. 2
Episode 18 - Chad Wanstreet Pt. 1
Episode 17 - Branding and defining your niche!
Episode 16 - Reflecting back on my successes and failures of 2014
Episode 15 - Travel the world working
Episode 14 - The art of negotiating salary and raises
Episode 13 - Your morning ritual - sleep hacking and ice baths!
Episode 12 - Work from anywhere
Episode 11 - Reaching out to studios for work
Episode 10 - Your 2015 goals and designing your career blueprint
Episode 9 - Todd Sheridan Perry - Quit the 9-5 and work from home
Episode 8 - John Brennick - Hobbit 2, Planet of the apes 2
Episode 7 - Career Advice - Breaking into the industry through the side door
Episode 6 - Sean Ritchie - The Walking Dead TV Series
Episode 5 - Studio Pipelines & Mango Platform (Bonus Episode)
Episode 4 - Mastering Interview & Communication Skills
Episode 3 - Carlos Anguiano Pt. 2 - Pipeline and Character TD for ILM, Digital Domain, Disney and Rhythm & Hues
Bonus - Interview Anselm Seherr-Thoss - FX Artist - Incendii, Pixomondo, Atomic Fiction
Episode 2 - Carlos Anguiano Pt. 1 - Pipeline and Character TD for ILM, Digital Domain, Disney and Rhythm & Hues
Episode 1 - The art of freelance and becoming a digital gipsy

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