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October 17, 2013
Fume FX Core Fundamentals
October 17, 2013
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San Francisco April-June

Hey everyone! It’s been a while since my last update, it’s been killer busy the past 4 weeks. GDC was a big success, and currently in the middle of wrapping on a few commercials before I jump up to San Francisco next week for Michael Bay’s latest film So anyone in San Francisco, feel free to hit me up for a beer!

Maxscript: Fumer version 1.0

This is a very work in progress script, it will have dozens more features, however I disabled most of them just to knock this out quickly. It’s essentially a window to be able to add your fume and then tick what you want sim’d and it will simulate away. Similar to the previous fume script I released, but you actually have control over what specifically gets simmed. Later I’ll be adding more features to this, lots and lots. Just I killed most of it for practicality right now.

Download Fumer V1.0 here

**** UPDATE**** I made one little tweak to the script (completely forgot to tell it to render your stuff once it’s finished simming!) So if you got it yesterday, grab it again now as it’s fixed.

CG Society Digital Pyrotechnics Workshop

FYI: Time running out to jump on this

So this is the second run of the Pyrotechnics workshop. We ran this at the end of last year and it was a big success selling out very quickly. I really enjoyed it and it was really amazing to see what all of the students were able to do during the workshop!

A lot of people are asking whether if they have core fundamentals whether they might want to do this workshop. I will say that they almost do not cover the same material at all, the Pyrotechics workshop is definitely very unique and advanced, it’s 100% all from actual film productions, so it’s very on point. And of course it’s 8 weeks with me personally training you. Check it out!

Texas – Industry Giants Event

I will be speaking at Industry Giants event in Dallas, TX end of June, more information to come! But I’m sure there will be a lot of drinking to be done in good ol Dallas, so lets all meet up!

I’ll be doing an overhall of my site soon, well just making it easier to manage all the videos and maxscripts etc. as well as other stuff so lots to come, but most likely end of May once things quiet down a little.

New York City – end of April

I’ll be in New York City April 28-May 2nd, just as a heads up. Anyone in town want to meet up, just crack open a beer and I’ll find you. or optionally you can email me at amckay@allanmckay.com


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