Fast Track your Career – Autodesk University

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October 17, 2013
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October 17, 2013
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Fast Track your Career – Autodesk University

I recently was flown out to Vegas to give a talk at Autodesk University Conference, which is the biggest of it’s kind, had a total blast but hectic as hell as it was in the middle of God of War’s production – I actually canceled my flight 5 times that week because I kept leaving to go to the airport and having to come back to the office over and over. STRESS!!!

Autodesk University – How to Fast-Track your Freelance Career and Make Yourself 10 Times More Employable from Allan McKay on Vimeo.

This talk has no video, it’s just audio and it’s very much going in rapid-fire the entire time, but listen carefully there’s a load of great information in here on how to fast track your career and make yourself more employable!


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