October 17, 2013
Locking textures to particles with Particle Flow & Krakatoa
October 17, 2013
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Creature FX – visual FX training DVD

Introducing the Creature FX series for 3D Studio Max! In this series of advanced training content, we will go through dozens of Hollywood visual effects all primarily focused on character and organic subjects.

In volume 1, we cover how to make a character procedurally hit hit by a virtual bullet we set up, which triggers the entire complex effect we create a procedural workflow for.

Loosely based around the visual effects pipeline for upcoming feature film Day Breakers, Allan McKay walks the audience through creating and setting up the process for initially building the visual effects layers, and plugging them into an automated system to easily change and access all of the information. Later we create all of the render passes and composite all of the layers together in comp. Finessing and tweaking the look and getting it as close to a feature film visual effect shot as possible.

Over 8 hours of advanced training material utilizing Fume FX, Digital Fusion and 3D Studio Max 2010’s new particle pflow features. Aimed at Intermediate to Expert users, but designed in a way that should be able to be followed by any level of 3D artist.

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