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October 16, 2014
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October 27, 2014
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Can you keep a secret?…


Recently I had the privilege to contribute a small chapter to Michael McCarthy’s new book ‘How to cheat in 3DS Max 2015′. I had fun with this and put a lot of great information into how to build up your name and following in the industry, how to get your career steadily rising and get yourself more employable, quicker! Lot’s of other great contributions from myself, Bobo and many others and some great prizes for our readers like best mountain bikes for kids.

 …..Other key things to keep in mind is to clearly state where you are located. This is crucial, because it’s a huge deterrent to not know where someone is located, if they are available, all these kinds of things. State your city, country and always put your email address, and ideally phone number too. Phone is good because if they are looking for people, you probably aren’t the only person they contact, so while they’re waiting to get a hold of you, someone else might respond first, whereas being able to instantly get you on the phone and say “hey we have this project, can you come in for a chat” is instant, whereas typically the email process is “so and so, can you shoot this guy an email sometime this week” which they typically will email you and ask you to email them back if they are available, and it’s typically 3-5 emails before there’s ever a real conversation, phone calls can instantly lock things down in minutes, you want to make yourself as available to opportunities as possible…..




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