Episode 61 – Chad and Allan talking about pointlessness to burnout and overtime

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February 15, 2016
Episode 62 – Deconstructing the Elements with Pete Draper
March 7, 2016
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Episode 61 – Chad and Allan talking about pointlessness to burnout and overtime


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This episode is a sit down with Chad Wanstreet (Episode 18 and 19) casually talking about overtime, burnout and a lot of issues with the industry. This is from two people who know the grind all too well and shedding a lot of light on it from many different and unique perspectives.


Chad Episode 18

Chad Episode 19

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  1. nathan says:

    A couple of our Wifes/Girlfriends use to have a VFX-Widows club… pretty sad for families.

    • amckay says:

      Hi Nathan, that is really sad. Yeah I have seen a few partners who have stormed into studios to reclaim their bf/gf/husband/wife because they’re not standing up for themselves and saying no when they should be to ridiculous OT – like months without a day off or 5am’ers every night.

      It’s not exactly what Chad and I planned to talk about but we kind of rolled onto that subject just before we sat down and decided it might be something we should probably talk about since we’re all too familiar with the subject. I’ve already gotten a lot of email today from people about this, it’s definitely an important subject – especially for those who are still young and conditioned to think its cool to kill ourselves at our desk 24/7. It’s different when you’re doing it for being passionate about it, but when you’re doing it too much because you’re told to be, it’s not going to help you and it’s not going to help anyone else when you start to get sick at the end of a job and your productivity sinks..

  2. Rotimi says:

    Hey Allan,

    Thanks very for this episode. The podcast is very informative and I got a lot of tips about the industry from both you and Chad.

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