033 – Studio Insight: Rising Sun Pictures (Wolverine, Harry Potter, Terminator)

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Episode 32 – Becoming a LinkedIn Ninja!
April 20, 2015
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May 6, 2015
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033 – Studio Insight: Rising Sun Pictures (Wolverine, Harry Potter, Terminator)


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This episode is truly epic – Rising Sun Pictures has been around for 20 years working on many of the leading visual effects films.

Speaking with Marcus Wells and Kirsty Parkin in the Training Department at RSP about their new graduate program, and future education and internships at RSP. As well as the production of many of their films – AND working overseas, diving in-depth into the visa processes and how to increase your opportunities of working for many visual effects studios. I give some of my own insight too into being proactive with this process.

Lastly we take a look at the life of a job application, from first being received and where it goes from there – who reviews it all the way through to final interview and the applicant being hired. REALLY INSIGHTFUL.

This is a really great episode I thoroughly recommend checking out, especially if you want to work overseas!






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  1. Thomas says:

    LOVED the episode!

    Great to get some info from a company that is actually within geographical proximity. May just have to contact Rising Sun, they sound like AWESOME people.

    Thank you Rising Sun and Allan

  2. Govind says:

    First of, Happy Birthday day Allan !

    And this was an awesome, awesome awesome episode. Made so many convoluted topics clear.
    Thank you Allan – this was truly a gift.

  3. Hola

    Heheh, i’m on a comment spree today!

    First of all, RSP sounds like a great bunch of people. Loads of great approaches to things.

    The whole part about training touched close to my heart for a couple of reasons.
    1. I love learning new stuff.
    2. it seems that many places end up having artists that learned loads before starting, but then havent really moved much for years. I mean, they get better by doing things over and over, but the whole excitement about learning a new tool or a new way of doing things seems to disappear. And those people tend to be the ones who have been at the company for the longest, so they are the most senior, and hence, their ways of doings things are going to be the way forward.
    3. Last but not least… Actaully because of these things, and the fact that it is getting increasingly hard to find freelancers, I’ve managed to convince the owners of Ghost vfx here in copenhagen to open up http://www.ghost.academy … It’s not like the rsp stuff, but a place where we’re creating high end video tutorials. I’m doing some vray, nuke and Redshift tutorials for our october 1st launch, and some of the guys are doing Octane render, Nuke, mattepainting and more stuff. The idea is two fold… 1. we get some training out there that can get people up to speed on what Ghost as a studio needs. 2. We let the hard working staff make some extra cash and make a name for themselves.
    I’m not an employee at ghost by the way, i still freelance but do tend to do a lot of work with them and know senior management over there very well, so it’s not a plug per se :)

    So again, thanks for the episode!

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