Episode 30 – Dan Roarty – Character Artist

Episode 29 – Andrew Kramer of Video Copilot
March 30, 2015
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April 14, 2015
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Episode 30 – Dan Roarty – Character Artist


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Dan’s background working in video games on projects ranging from Star Wars 1313 to Tomb Raider to Gears of War to many other iconic projects as well as high profile studios such as Lucas Arts.

What makes Dan stand out is his phenomenally realistic character work, many of his pieces have received much acclaim, awards and can be seen in magazines worldwide. If you’ve followed Episode 28, interviewing Christopher Nichols of the Digital Human League, Dan is also a member of this and both have collaborated on the high profile ‘The Newyorker’ digital human piece.

This episode we dive into Dan’s process – discussing what it takes to make characters photoreal, as well as his habits, his process and giving much insight into his background as an artist. We also discuss in great depth work visas and working in other countries, as well as many other exciting subjects!

Dan Roarty’s Website

Star Wars 1313

Tomb Raider

Radical Games

Digital Human League

Christopher Nichols Episode 28


Art Institute
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  1. Jason F says:

    Hey Allan,

    Thanks for the episode. Would definitely like hearing more about increasing chances of getting an eb3 or h1b visa. Also it would be great to get people like joe alter/hair farm/ornatrix guys/disney xgen guys to talk about the challenges of creating and rendering realistic hair and fur. I think it’s one of the biggest complaints even people outside of visual effects are not yet satisfied with as far as realism goes. Also hoping some of these hair tools get more affordable for artists starting out. Maybe you could have a debate with multiple people in one podcast as well. :D

    Thanks Allan!.

  2. Sav says:

    Loved the episode, would really like to hear from more kick ass character artists!

  3. Surfer says:

    Wow! Dan is amazing . Thank you for this allan

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